More From Affleck About Playing “Batman”

The publicity rounds for “Gone Girl” are about to get underway in coming weeks ahead of the film’s October 3rd theatrical release. As a result, Ben Affleck will no doubt be asked many questions about his role as Bruce Wayne in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

Today though is his first interview for the film, conducted by Entertainment Weekly, in which the magazine managed to get a few questions in about Zack Snyder’s superhero epic. Affleck was cast almost a year ago in the role, and has since both bulked up and added some deliberate grey to his hair for his performance. Asked about how things are going in the role so far:

“I’m right in the middle of shooting now. It’s a process that I’ll probably have better perspective on when I’m done. I can tell you that every time I do a role, it’s the responsibility of an actor to get their physical self as close to the role as possible. And Batman’s obviously got a set of expectations that are tough. So I spent a lot of time working out. And it’s a far cry from Gone Girl where my character is described as ‘puffy and hungover’. I want you to know I worked equally hard at both!”

Asked about the fan backlash since his casting and his choice to take on the project, he says Chris Terrio’s script and Snyder’s visual style were the big draws for him:

“Before I took the role, Warner Bros. gave me a bunch of past reactions to casting and said, ‘Are you sure you want to get into this? This is part and parcel of these movies now. There’s a lot of active fans with a lot of opinions.

To me, having been through a certain amount of that, it doesn’t really… Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I wouldn’t have taken the part if I didn’t trust my instincts in terms of the filmmaking.

I think Chris Terrio wrote a terrific script. Zack’s a great visual director. And there’s an interesting take. I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think I could do it. I have the benefit of a lot of that understanding. But also, everyone is entitled to their opinion. That’s a big part of this international sport.”

Affleck says the fan reaction will not affect his performance:

“You know what? It’s great that people do care that much. They want to see the movie that much. And it is incumbent on you to honor the story. There are the Greek myths and these are the American myths. The American myths are these superheroes. People care about ’em a lot. And it’s incumbent on you to do a good job and make it as excellent as you possibly can. At the end of the day, the movie’s all that matters.”