More “Flash”/”Supergirl” Talk, Budget Concerns

Earlier in the week came a report suggesting two exciting possibilities for the onscreen DC TV universe that both “Arrow” and “The Flash” are a part of.

The first is that characters from “The Flash” would pop up in CBS’ “Supergirl” series towards the end of that show’s first season. The second is that Matt Ryan’s appearance as John Constantine would potentially continue in a second season of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”.

Now, Bleeding Cool has added to that report with some additional details. The first is that should CBS order the ‘back nine’ episodes for “Supergirl,” the crossover will be “deemed as a requirement” as it’s part of a storyline arc from the comics about New Krypton.

Said comic saw 100,000 Kryptonians come to Earth after Brainiac freed them from the Bottle City of Kandor, with a new planet being built for them. How much of said storyline could be translated to TV on a limited budget? Hard to say at this point.

Budget is also a big part of the problem with “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” according to the report. Talk of a possible second season is already being dampened down due to the sheer expense of the first:

“While Constantine played by Matt Ryan has indeed been discussed for the show, DC Comics themselves are the stumbling block on the character appearing in the show. I’m also hearing from another well connected source that the show is incredibly expensive and they’re not sure if they’ll go with a second season, and instead replace it with a totally different show for it.”

With shows generally getting more expensive as they go on, concerns over the ballooning costs are understandable. At this point none of this has been confirmed.