More “Flash,” “Arrow” & Spin-Off News

Still more news and quotes are coming out from this weekend’s PaleyFest panels regarding the two currently airing (“Arrow,” “The Flash”) and one untitled and in development series on The CW which are based on DC Comics titles.

First up, the in development superhero team-up series has scored a new cast member – Dominic Purcell as Heatwave. Purcell has been guest starring as the villain on “The Flash” alongside his old “Prison Break” co-star Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold.

Both Miller and Purcell are set to be full cast members of this new show which is building an eclectic mix of goodies and baddies out of guest and recurring stars from the other two shows. Producer Greg Berlanti compared the show to ensemble pics like “Ocean’s Eleven” and “The Magnificent Seven,” saying it’s a true ensemble as opposed to the singular heroes of the other two shows.

They’re also including three DC heroes who haven’t been portrayed on screen before, at least one of which will be a woman. Berlanti tells Variety:

“I think it’s really important that we have another female hero on the show, and this one is really exciting. I can’t wait for people to find out – we just have to cast it right, as always. And then you want that Rat Pack-y kind of vibe of all this crew hanging out, as disparate and as different as they are.

Berlanti also says the new show will also boast a villain that is “distinct” and “another big character who hasn’t been used yet”. One surprise though is that the other half of Firestorm, Robbie Amell, did not sign for the project so only Victor Garber’s Dr. Martin Stein will be seen.

In regards to “The Flash,” Grant Gustin says no one has figured out the twist regarding the Reverse-Flash storyline as yet. He tells CBR: “There’s a twist with Harrison Wells and the Reverse-Flash storyline that no journalist has guessed — I’ve never seen it online. It’s going to I think really surprise everyone. And it’s an original twist to the character that doesn’t mess up the mythology.”

Finally, this week’s episode of “Arrow” will finally deal with the Lazarus Pit. Producer Marc Guggenheim tells THR: “All year long we’ve been teasing what comic book fans know as the Lazarus Pit. We’ll learn a lot more about that in 316… The world of magic fits pretty well into the world of Arrow. We’ve already seen superpowers on the show. Once you’ve seen super powers, the occult and magic – that actually fits better in Arrow than superpowers.”