More Details On Westworld’s Shogun World

Three weeks ahead of the season premiere, HBO has released more details about the upcoming second season of its sci-fi drama “Westworld,” specifically revealing more about the much-anticipated appearance of ‘Shogun World’ following its tease in the first season finale.

Over at the Delos Destinations viral website, the second of the six total parks has officially been added to the line-up and included a brief synopsis going into specifics about the feudal Japan setting of the park:

“For those for whom Westworld is not enough, the true connoisseur of gore can indulge their fantasies with the slash of a katana. Modeled after Japan’s Edo period, Shogun World offers a chance for guests to embrace their inner warrior, in a landscape of highest beauty and darkest horror. Let your true self take shape in the land where self-discovery is an art form.”

It’s not clear how much Shogun World will feature in the second season’s action. We’ll know more when the series returns on April 22nd.