More Details On The “Zorro” Reboot

After seemingly stalling in development hell, Jonas Cuaron’s proposed near future-set reboot of the “Zorro” franchise suddenly came back to life a few weeks ago with the casting of “Dope” actress Kiersey Clemons in a key role.

At the same time reports indicated the project, titled “Z,” is slated to begin production in June. Clemons is slated to join Gael Garcia Bernal who has been attached to play the title character since May 2016.

Today, That Hashtag Show reports that Pantelion has been selling the international rights at the European Film Market and new details about the project have arrived. According to them, Clemons’ character will be the female lead named ‘Zee’ and is described as a teenager of Haitian descent. It’s a major lead role too as she is said to only have a few less scenes than Bernal in total.

The character calls herself Zee in honor of the iconic hero Zorro she grew up idolizing. It’s not confirmed if Bernal is actually Zorro or not in the project, but his character is reportedly named Emiliano Garza and is an adventurer who serves as a mentor to Zee and passes on the ways of the swashbuckler to the next generation. Both team up to take down a corrupt corporation known as M-Corp.

Cuaron is directing from a script that he co-wrote with Glenn Gers, based on a story by Ozzy Inguanzo based on the character created by Johnston McCulley.