More Details On The “Suicide Squad 2” Story

More Details On The Suicide Squad 2 Story

More details about James Gunn’s sequel to “Suicide Squad” are beginning to slip out as the film is rapidly coming together in pre-production ahead of filming later this year.

In a new report at THR, it has been revealed that Gunn opted to recast rather than omit the character of Deadshot because in the follow-up he is a much more important figure in the storyline.

The trade indicates Gunn will be taking his cues from the celebrated Jon Ostrander and Kim Yale run on the title during the 1980s rather than the New 52 version of the team as seen in David Ayer’s 2016 film.

In the 1980s run, Deadshot was a childless elite marksman with a death wish following being raised by an abusive father who would paralyse the women in his lives, and a childhood trauma involving the accidental death of his brother at his hand. He was also the squad’s de facto leader and would often accept missions with low survival odds which often resulted in his teammates being hurt, or worse.

That lack of consideration for lives and his own suicidal tendencies offers fertile emotional ground for Gunn to explore, whilst at the same time Gunn’s dark sense of humor could play around with a quite expendable band of villains. The trade also indicates if successful, don’t be too shocked if a possible Deadshot solo franchise could be put into development.

Idris Elba was reportedly Gunn’s first and only choice to replace Will Smith in the Deadshot role, the actor has starred in numerous comic books films over the years (“The Losers,” “Thor,” “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance”) but always in supporting roles.

The new “Suicide Squad” film is currently set for an August 6th 2021 release.