More Details On The “Iron Man 3” Villains


Eyewitness photos are emerging of filming in the streets of Wilmington, North Carolina of the upcoming third “Iron Man” feature. Confusion reigns over how the film’s potential villains are going to interact.

Though previously denied as being the Mandarin, new indications at Latino Review seem to be that Ben Kingsley’s character is indeed playing the criminal mastermind from the comics. However he’s a secondary villain – a ‘silent partner’ behind the events taking place. Instead it’s Guy Pearce’s Aldrich Killian who is using Mandarin’s resources and the extremis nanotechnology to create an army of “multiple super-powered individuals”.

James Badge Dale and Ashley Hamilton have already been cast as Coldblood-7 and Firepower respectively, thus it seems likely they will be two members of that army.

Adding to the confusion is photos from the set showing the design of ANOTHER villain’s costume – one that’s either The Iron Patriot or Detroit Steel.

Turns out Badge Dale’s character is the one donning this particular outfit in the film, meaning the Coldblood character is being merged with another villain’s design. More as further details emerge.