More Details On Canet’s “Rivals” Remake

As reported a few weeks ago, filmmaker James Gray (“Two Lovers,” “We Own the Night”) and actor/director Guillaume Canet (“Tell No-One,” “Whatever You Say”) are set to team on the English-language remake of 2008 French film “Les liens du sang”.

The 1980’s-set original followed two brothers, one a pimp and the other a cop, with the former being the family favourite. Now, Variety reports the remake will be called “Rivals” and the film’s setting will be changed to 1970’s Philadelphia.

StudioCanal chief Olivier Courson says that though the script isn’t finished yet, “the film is not really a remake, it’s a completely different story, set in a completely different environment.”

Gray is assisting on the screenplay which Canet will direct. Canet may take a small role and its rumoured his real-life partner Marion Cotillard might join the project as well.