More “Dark Knight Rises” Set Photos, Videos

Filming on “The Dark Knight Rises” took place over the weekend at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh with several pro NFL players from the local Steelers team posed as members of the ‘Gotham Rogues’.


10,000 extras filled up part of the stadium to shoot a sequence involving a fictional game between the Rogues and the Rapid City Monuments.

Said game is interrupted by violent explosions, players are killed and three tumblers (the vehicle Batman uses) roar onto the field heralding the arrival of Bane (Tom Hardy). Bane then proceeds to break someone’s neck, grabs a microphone and talks to the crowd in a voice that is decidedly not what you expect – sounding almost like a meek and elderly British colonial accent of some sort. A full report is up at Spill Movie.

Videos of the shoot can be seen below but as the extras shooting it was so far away from the action you can’t see much. The distortions of a mask, stadium audio systems and the recording device taking the video aren’t likely helping convey the true audio experience either.