More Crank 2 Photos & Details

Directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor have revealed to Collider that “Crank 2: High Voltage” will be shot entirely using consumer-available digital camcorders.

Specifically the Canon XH-A1 and Canon HF10 will be used as “moving the camera in outrageous ways and being able to destroy cameras without blinking an eye is more important to us than, you know, sort of having this filmic image” says Taylor. Nevedine says “With the cameras we’re using we literally can point and shoot and we have the same image quality that we had on Crank 1”.

With camcorders though won’t it look pretty crappy? “It doesn’t look like Cloverfield. It’s not supposed to look like home video. It’s going to look like a movie, but it’s going to look like a movie you’ve never seen before.”

Meanwhile more photos of Amy Smart wearing next-to-nothing whilst filming her scenes are up at JFX Online.