More “Avengers” Art, Skrulls Revealed?

Both some new artwork and video game stills for the upcoming “The Avengers” film have given us a better glimpse of the antagonists of the upcoming superhero team-up epic.

First up more promo artwork for the tie-in comic book “Road to the Avengers” has emerged with both a new shot of the gang along with a good quality shot of Loki’s appearance in the film.

More interesting though is that Eurogamer (via Bleeding Cool) posted some footage and shots from the recently cancelled “The Avengers” tie-in game showing Thor battling both a giant Skrull and a female Skrull. Said footage and photos were then taken down.

It has been thought (but not confirmed) that the guys in motion capture suits spotted on the Cleveland set are stand-ins for CG animated Skrulls. Others sources say the Skrulls aren’t in the film, and there has been question as to whether Fox may hold part ownership of the name thanks to their retaining of the rights to the “Fantastic Four” universe. Marvel’s Kevin Feige said two years ago “we do own them” but Fox still apparently owns the Super-Skrull character.

IGN however has posted an interesting theory – that Loki’s allies are the Chitauri, the Ultimate Universe’s version of the Skrulls. This gives Marvel a way of having alien shapeshifter antagonists in the movie without actually calling them Skrulls.