“Morbius” First Photo, Tyrese Sought For Role

Morbius First Photo Tyrese Sought For Role

Jared Leto has posted a photo on Twitter from the set of Daniel Espinosa’s film adaptation of the Marvel Comics antihero “Morbius” which Sony Pictures kicked off filming on in the past week in the UK.

The second Spider-Man Universe spinoff after “Venom,” Leto takes on the role of Dr. Michael Morbius, a renowned biochemist who attempts to cure a fatal blood disease by injecting himself with a treatment serum derived from bats.

This transforms him into the anti-hero Morbius who has the qualities of a vampire, including a taste for human blood. Jared Harris was confirmed as a cast member this morning in what’s believed to be a mentor-style role, and now THR indicates Tyrese Gibson is being sought for the final key role – an FBI agent trying to track down Morbius.

The film also stars Matt Smith as the villain Loxias Crown and Adria Arjona as love interest Martine Bancroft.