Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” Sequel In Jeopardy

In the wake of the Weinstein Company scandal, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore no longer wants his proposed “Fahrenheit 9/11” quasi-sequel associated with the company – and that’s a problem.

Harvey and Bob Weinstein had originally committed $6 million to the film, titled “Fahrenheit 11/9,” but circumstances have changed. Moore now wants to take the film elsewhere, but the Weinsteins have spent $2 million on the film so far and won’t let him do so until he pays back the $2 million.

Moore has balked at the idea, saying it would: “morally compromise his film to cut a check to a man he considers a sexual predator.” If it goes to court, Deadline reports that Moore plans to allege fraud against Harvey Weinstein for entering into a deal on the film at a time he knew full well that his misconduct was being investigated and would soon be exposed.

Moore’s original George W. Bush-focused “Fahrenheit 9/11 ” became the biggest grossing documentary of all time but whether that can be repeated with the Trump-centric sequel is uncertain. Moore had the advantage that the previous film followed in the wake of his much acclaimed gun control doco “Bowling for Columbine,” but Moore’s feature documentaries have been on the decline with “Sicko” a decade ago being the last real breakthrough one.