Moore On I, Robot 2 & Galactica

At the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood last night, producer Ronald D. Moore and some of the cast of “Battlestar Galactica” showed up for a Q&A event.

Collider got to speak to Moore who revealed that he just finished penning his draft of a script for a sequel to the Will Smith 2004 feature “I, Robot” but refused to comment further.

Moore also remains attached to the remake of John Carpenter’s “The Thing”, and confirmed that “Razor” will be the title of the upcoming ‘Galactica’ TV movie.

Meanwhile one spoiler was revealed in a several minute promo screened from the TV movie – the old 70’s series model Cylons make an appearance. Glimpses will also be seen of the first human/Cylon war during the TV movie. There’s hope that promo will appear online soon.