Moore Not Watching The Watchmen

One of the greatest graphic novelists ever, Alan Moore, has proven quite famous for being very unhappy with adaptations of his works.

It’s understandable though – “From Hell” and “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” were financial and critical disappointments that barely resembled their intricately detailed and brilliant literary counterparts. Even the more successful “V for Vendetta” notably strays away from Moore’s original work.

Now though with “Watchmen”, one of his most famous works being adapted, many have expected he would have something to say. Original artist Dave Gibbons, Moore’s collaborator on the graphic novel, has already stated that he’s very happy with how it’s going and that the film looks surprisingly accurate.

Moore on the other hand now tells Wizard magazine that whatever the case, he’s no interest in it – “I got a piece of paper – they must’ve learned something from the V for Vendetta debacle. I got a piece of paper a couple of months ago saying, ‘I, the undersigned, hereby give you permission to take my name off of the film and to send my money to Dave Gibbons.’ So I sent that back to them all signed and sealed, which means that now I don’t have to rant and spew about the film.”

Moore goes on saying “I’m just simply not interested in it…I don’t really know much about it. I believe that it’s going ahead. I won’t be watching it, obviously. I can at least remain neutral to it as long as they’re taking my name off of it and not playing these silly, ultimately futile games like they were doing last time, which worked out so well for them. No, I’m keeping well away from all of that.”