Moon Director Tries “Blade Runner” Homage

Though many thought filmmaker Duncan Jones (“Moon,” “Source Code”) would be turning his attention to the sci-fi thriller “Mute” next, Jones says he’s actually set to concentrate on a more adventure-driven sci-fi property instead.

“One thing I can tell you about my next project is that I’m determined to do a future city film. I want it to be my homage to Blade Runner, even if it’s a bit bigger, it will be a city based future film” Jones revealed in an interview with We Got This Covered. The filmmaker is playing it cautious, and refuses to give away even the film’s title.

In regard to “Mute”, the project “is in a bit of a limbo actually. I’ve always loved the script and felt it was a film worth making, but it’s a tricky one. It’s a sci-fi film, and one of the drafts of the scripts got leaked a while back. The reaction was mixed. Most people didn’t get the fact that yes it is sci-fi but it’s a futurist film…that was the whole idea, to tell a film that can be based in any period, but just HAPPENS to take place in the future” says Jones.

He goes on to explain that it has been difficult to pitch the project in a way people understand why it needs to be done that way – “People just say, why can’t it be in a contemporary setting? But no, it’s about mood and atmosphere as much as anything else. It’s also quite dark so it’s been a tough sell. Also, it’s not a big film, it has been designed to be sort of a smaller and more independent film. Budget wise, it’s in between Moon and Source Code.”

So now, Jones plans to step back from the project and will “come back to it one day and hopefully it’ll work the way I see it working.”