Monsters Sequel Begins Filming

While filmmaker Gareth Edwards recently began production of the “Godzilla” reboot, shooting is also underway on the sequel to the indie genre film that made him famous.

“Monsters: Dark Continent” is a follow-up to Edwards’ 2010 ultra low-budget “Monsters” which scored critical acclaim.

Frequent “Misfits” director Tom Green makes his feature debut on the Jay Basu-penned project, while Edwards will executive produce.

Johnny Harris (“Welcome To The Punch”), Sam Keeley (“What Richard Did”) and Joe Dempsie (“Game Of Thrones”) star in the project which is set several years after the original.

Infected Zones have now spread across the world. As the US military try to wipe out the monsters, they soon realize they face resistance from a number of corners.

Vertigo Films and 42 are producing the project which is filming in both Jordan and Detroit.

Source: Screen Daily