Monopoly Incorporates The Economic Crisis?

The idea of turning the board game “Monopoly” has always sounded ridiculous, yet according to producer and Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner, the timing couldn’t be better

“The whole world is about the financial markets. You can’t turn on the news today without understanding the financial markets and what’s going on out there…Combine that with Pamela Pettler who’s writing this great script about real people kind of playing a real-life game of ‘Monopoly,’ not the board game, although they’re icons of the game. And then you really get the idea why this story could make sense right now” he told MTV News this week.

Acclaimed director Ridley Scott (“Gladiator,” “Alien”) was less enthusiastic but seems to believe in the project: “I have to direct it. we’re in progress right now. we’re having it written. We have identified a pretty good story and it is fundamentally a movie, not a game, probably describing in a way the characters in the film, the passion of the game, and how the game came about.”