Monahan Writing Departed Sequel

“The Departed” scribe William Monahan is reportedly working on a treatment for a sequel to the Martin Scorsese hit.

The trades report that the scribe has even informally talked about the idea with Scorsese. Of course how it would work is anybody’s guess considering the body count the last one left behind.

Whilst the original “Infernal Affairs”, on which “Departed” borrowed heavily, had both a prequel and a sequel, the latter worked as notably Damon’s character still continued on.

This version is expected to follow the foul-mouthed character played by Mark Wahlberg, and introduce a new character which its been suggested that Robert De Niro would play.

There’s no indication that Scorsese would direct a sequel although would likely serve as a producer. Warner Bros. hasn’t given any sign as to whether it would pursue another installment.

Warners does own the sequel rights to “Infernal Affairs” but Monahan’s take could be an entirely original story, in which case it would not fall under that agreement.