Momoa Talks His “Aquaman” Secrecy

In the range of potential secrets from “I tell my partner I like rom-coms but I really don’t” to “let’s not tell our wives about all the gay orgies on our camping trips,” being cast as Aquaman is a big one.

Jason Momoa appeared as a guest on last night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and surprising revealed that he was locked in for the role up to four or five years ago – significantly earlier than his rumored involvement in late 2013 and his official announcement in the role in mid-2014.

Momoa met and screen tested with Chris Pratt in February 2013 to play Drax in Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” but didn’t make it through. It would seem his role as Aquaman in the DC film universe may have been locked in before that screen test.

If true, it might explain partly why Momoa’s Drax turn fell through despite Marvel being keen on the actor and making the offer on the spot. Ultimately Marvel went with Dave Bautista and everything worked out.