Momoa Talks “Aquaman” vs. “League” Difference

A few days ago, Warner Bros. Pictures unveiled the first look at James Wan’s “Aquaman” at CinemaCon and while much of the footage was still pre-viz, the crowd reportedly were quite impressed by what they saw.

Jason Momoa reprises the role following his turn in it last year in “Justice League,” at speaking with MTV at the convention this week he talked about how making “Aquaman” was an entirely different experience than ‘League’:

“Justice League was like college. I’m not really sure what Aquaman was, it’s just all on my shoulders. I had a great time. I think in Justice League, you had five other characters around you suffering equally the same, so it was kind of fun to endure that. And then, you know, it got me ready to do my solo movie which was challenging and tough and hard and super satisfying.”

Descriptions of the footage say Atlantis looks like “Los Angeles from Blade Runner, but underwater” and the scale of the film is so much bigger than all of the other DC universe films combined with a sprawling adventure tone. “Aquaman” opens in December with the first trailer likely to be either with “Ocean’s 8” in early June, or more likely at Comic-Con in mid-late July.