Moffat Talks “Sherlock” Xmas Special, S4

Steven Moffat remains one of the busiest men in British television, serving as showrunner on two of the biggest franchises at The BBC – “Doctor Who” and “Sherlock”.

“Doctor Who” returned to screens this weekend with Peter Capaldi returning for his second year as The Doctor, at the same time “Sherlock” returns to screens at Christmas for a one-off special set in the Victorian era.

In a new interview with Collider, Moffat was asked if this one-off special would’ve happened if it had been a part of another full series:

“I don’t know. I’m surprised that we did it. Because of the strange nature of our show, which wasn’t particularly intentional – it’s just the way it worked out – we do three, every so often, with long gaps. Somehow it feels more right just to have a one-off special, sitting by itself and unconnected. Sherlock never feels like it just comes back for that year. It re-enters the stadium with a big blast for a very, very short time, and then buggers off again. In its weird rock star preening, it feels right.”

So how is the development of the fourth full series of the show going?

“No. Mark will be starting very soon. He may have started. I’ve got to finish my Doctor Who Christmas special, and then I’ll be straight onto Sherlock after that. We haven’t started, but we’ve planned. We know what we’re doing. Haha. Or we think we know what we think we’re doing. There are a couple of things we’ve got lined up that are really quite strong surprises, but we’ll see. I think we’re shooting next year, April-ish.”

Speaking of “Doctor Who,” the trailer has been released for the second episode of the new season – the second part of the two-part premiere. The current ninth season will boast six two-parters with the final to air December 5th. Last night’s premiere can now be seen on Youtube by North American viewers – click here to see.