Moffat Talks “Doctor Who” S9 Episodes

“Sherlock” and “Doctor Who” show runner Steven Moffat turned up at the Television Critics Association presentation for BBC America yesterday where he discussed what’s in store regarding the latter’s ninth season which premieres in September.

Moffat confirmed that “Game of Thrones” actress Maisie Williams’ guest starring role in an episode will NOT be a “returning character or someone in the Doctor’s past. Her role will develop in an unexpected way.” He adds that:

“Once you see what she’s up to you’ll appreciate what a clever idea [the role] was. It’s a significant role, we’re not just throwing her away. It’s a great part and she’s terrific in it.”

Moffat dismissed talk of doing a ‘Who’ movie:

“First that would be up to the BBC. What are we going to do? Shut down for a year and make a movie? Does everyone want that – a whole movie and not a series? If there’s a movie, you can’t have a different doctor in the movie – that would be incredibly damning to the franchise.”

He says the new season arc is less serialised than the last and won’t be about Clara’s love life but rather her embracing her role as companion:

“This is, I would say, one of the lighter [mysteries]. I’d say the story this time, because I thought it worked last year rather well, the main story is the emotional. Clara has now decided that the TARDIS is her real life and that’s what she loves and loves running around in the TARDIS with the Doctor and getting into scrapes. The more dangerous the better. She’s becoming like him.”

One thing that will come up though is her splintering through time during the seventh season finale, a plot point that seemed to have been forgotten about last season:

“She’ll have dreams about it. It’s one of those things, if I put it in an episode, most of the audience will have forgotten now and go what the hell are you talking about? In my mind she has dreams. She has a vague awareness that there was other stuff but not very clear at all.”

Finally, Capaldi himself has confirmed that his super brief eyebrow cameo in the “Doctor Who” 50th Anniversary special is set to be explained this season.

Source: EW