Moffat Taking Over Doctor Who

It’s official, Steven Moffat will take over for Russell T. Davies as lead writer and executive producer of the fifth season of “Doctor Who” in 2010.

Davies has steered the new ‘Who’, currently midway through its fourth season on the BBC, since its resurrection in 2005 and will continue to do so through four specials to air throughout 2009.

Whilst Davies work as producer has been unanimously acclaimed, his work as writer on several episodes per season has yielded a more mixed reaction with his character work praised but plotlines often sharply criticised. Nevertheless his departure left some very big shoes to fill with many wondering who could take over the very demanding, high pressure job.

Moffat emerged as a front runner a while ago. The scribe has turned in amongst the most acclaimed episodes of the series to date including last year’s moving stone angels episode “Blink” for which he won a Bafta award, Season Two’s French-set time travel romance story “The Girl in the Fireplace” for which he won a Hugo Award, and the first season two-parter “The Empty Child/”The Doctor Dances” which is generally the most acclaimed work of that first year.

Moffat also penned and produced last year’s well-reviewed six-part series “Jekyll”, created the acclaimed UK series “Coupling”, and just finished penning the screenplay for Steven Spielberg’s first film in a proposed trilogy based on Herge’s graphic novel series “Tintin”.

Moffat and new series executive producer Piers Wenger (replacing Julie Gardner) have already begun planning storylines for the new series. Moffat also penned the “Silence in the Library” two-part episode for the current series, those episodes will go to air on May 31st & June 7th.