Moffat Penning Tintin Script

British scribe Steven Moffat is penning the script for DreamWorks’ “Tintin,” the movie trilogy collaboration from Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg says The Hollywood Reporter.

The story adapts the European comic strip created by Herge. Tintin is a young Belgian reporter and world traveler who is aided in his adventures by his faithful dog Snowy.

He later was joined by such colorful characters as Captain Haddock, Professor Cuthbert Calculus and bumbling detectives Thomson and Thompson.

Jackson and Spielberg are each directing an installment, with the helmer of the third movie to be determined. Kathleen Kennedy is serving as producer on all three which will be made using performance-capture technology and produced in digital 3-D.

Moffat is best known for penning the most acclaimed episodes of the new “Doctor Who” series (“Blink,” “Girl in the Fireplace,” “The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances”) and created both the BBC’s “Jekyll” and “Coupling.”

Still no word yet as to which of the stories will be adapted for the screen.