Modine In Hulk, Weaving In Transformers?

Dark Horizons scooper ‘Indiana’ visited California Adventure Park today and met actor Matthew Modine at the Ariel’s Grotto Restaurant.

Aside from questionable taste in cuisine, Modine apparently revealed the following which would indicate he has a role in the upcoming “The Incredible Hulk”:

“He said he’s in town doing a bit of work on a new film called “The Neighbour” – which he said is going to be very funny – and then he said he’s doing something else with the “makers of the Transporter movie that I did”. I pushed… and he went “[made funny growling noise] he’s big and green”.

Meanwhile, Hugo Weaving has apparently won the role of voicing Megatron in the upcoming Transformers movie reports The IESB.

Weaving and Frank Welker, who voiced the cartoon version, have been in ‘rumoured competition’ for the role for a few months and now it seems the Aussie actor won out.

Never fear though cartoon fans, Welker will apparently voice a robot in the film anyhow – but not Megatron.