“Moana,” “Jackie” Shine At The Box-Office

The weekend after Thanksgiving is always considered a dead zone, one that no studio dares to open anything serious in aside from a few brave limited releases and maybe one foolish wide release which gets dumped.

That this week was “Incarnate,” the Aaron Eckhart critically slammed horror tale which went wide and made just $2.6 million in ninth place. All the action remained with the Thanksgiving holdovers as “Moana” comfortably held the top spot with $28.3 million followed by “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them” with $18.5 million and “Arrival” with $7.3 million.

In limited release, “Jackie” nabbed a strong $55,000 per-screen-average across five cinemas while Mia Hansen-Love’s “Things to Come” nabbed a $33,090 average over three screens. Next week sees the wide debut of “Office Christmas Party,” and the limited release of “La La Land”.