Miyazaki’s “Wind” To Blow February 2014

Walt Disney Studios and Studio Ghibli have unveiled the North American release plans for Hayao Miyazaki’s final directorial effort “The Wind Rises”.

The story follows Jirō Horikoshi, the man best-known for designing the Zero Fighter plane used in bombing Pearl Harbor

The film will score a one week, awards-qualifying release in New York and Los Angeles from November 8th to 14th. Said release will be the original film in Japanese with English subtitles.

Then, Touchstone Pictures will give the film a limited release in U.S. cinemas on February 21st 2014 ahead of an expansion the following week on February 28th 2014. That release will likely sport an English audio soundtrack.

The film has screened at all three major film festivals over the past few weeks – Venice, Telluride and Toronto, and will also play at the upcoming New York Film Festival.

Source: Disney Pictures