Miyazaki Says “I’m Serious” About Retirement

Legendary filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki (“Spirited Away,” “Princess Mononokie”) has said he will retire at least once before, which made some sceptical of the announcement by Studio Ghibli this week that “The Wind Rises” will be his last film.

Speaking with Japanese press, Miyazaki says: “I know I made headlines by signaling my intention to retire numerous times before, but this time I’m serious… My days as a director of feature animation are over.”

The 72-year-old says he’s “becoming slower and slower” and more prone to fatigue. As a result, all-day sessions at his work desk are no longer possible.

He also says he doesn’t want to leave behind an unfinished final work: “If I made some public announcement (about what I want to do) and failed to achieve it, that would make me look really stupid.”

Still, Miyazaki will keep himself occupied with other projects like organizing new exhibitions at Tokyo’s Ghibli Museum.

Source: Japan Times