Miyazaki Returns For “Boro” Short Film

Though he’s retired from features, Japanese animation genius Hayao Miyazaki hasn’t given up the pen just yet with word today that he and CG animator Yuhei Sakuragi are teaming for a short film that will be screened at Studio Ghibli’s museum.

This will mark Miyazaki’s first animated project since his 2013 final feature “The Wind Rises”. The as-yet untitled has previously been announced before, but no details were available.

Today came word of Sakuragi’s involvement along with details about the short which will deal with a hairy caterpillar named Boro that Miyazaki previously sketched in 1995. Production house Steve N’ Steven is reportedly participating in the making of the film.

Whether the short will be fully CG, or hand-drawn with CG touches, is unknown at this point. It will eventually be screened at the Studio Ghibli museum in Tokyo.

Source: Variety