“Mission: Impossible 6” Temporarily Halts Prep Work

Paramount Pictures has reportedly halted early pre-production of the sixth film in the “Mission: Impossible” franchise.

Deadline reports that just over a dozen people in London had been hired to start the soft prep work for the project after writer/director Christopher McQuarrie and star/producer Tom Cruise worked out the beats of the film. McQuarrie has gone off to write the script and those hired had just begun to work on the design of visual effects but were told today to stop.

The reason ties back to money, namely Cruise’s salary over which there’s a dispute – Paramount reportedly wants to pay him about the same he got for the last film, Cruise however recently got a raise for “The Mummy” reboot and so may want more. There’s also the issue of the fees of production companies and producing partners Bad Robot and Skydance.

The delay is not said to be a significant one – a common ground will be reached and the film is almost certain to go ahead with prep to resume once a deal is sorted. McQuarrie has just started writing the script and production won’t begin in full until January which suggests there’s no rush either.

The last entry in the series, “Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation,” grossed $682 million worldwide on a reported $150 million budget.