Mission: Impossible 5 To Film In Parliament?

The filmmakers behind “Mission: Impossible 5” have reportedly made a historic deal to film inside of the Houses of Parliament in London – the first ever feature film to do so. Until this year, filming inside the House of Commons was forbidden.

A source for The Sun (via Metro) says the movie “will feature numerous well-known locations in London but the Houses of Parliament is clearly the biggest coup. Tom Cruise will obviously feature heavily in the scenes. You can imagine the writers are excited about what stints they could pull off inside the Commons.”

The Shard and the Olympic Stadium are also currently being scouted by the production team. This would also mark the series’ first return to London since the first film in 1996. Subsequent films have been shot in Sydney, Rome, Berlin, Vancouver, Prague, Shanghai, Xitang, Caserta, Los Angeles, Monument Valley, Bangalore, Moscow, Dubai and Mumbai.

Paramount Pictures has not confirmed the report at this time.