Mission: Impossible 5 Takes Over Morocco

We saw Tom Cruise and his co-star Rebecca Ferguson jumping off Vienna’s state opera house the other weekend, now some footage has gone up of some explosions and car stunts being pulled off for the film in both Vienna and Morocco where the production moved to over the holiday weekend.

In fact, Morocco will close down a major highway between Agadir and Casablanca for two weeks to accommodate filming of the Christopher McQuarrie-helmed feature. Shooting in the North African country will take place across several cities including Casablanca, Marrakech and Rabat. Cruise arrived in Rabat on Saturday.

Having lost “Star Wars: Episode VII” to Abu Dhabi, the Moroccan government is said to be bending over backwards to accommodate high-profile foreign productions. Most recently they hosted filming on Werner Herzog’s “Queen of the Desert” starring Nicole Kidman.

Source: THR