Mission Impossible 5 Move Up Due To IMAX?

One of the biggest news stories of this week was the news that Paramount Pictures has moved up its fifth “Mission: Impossible” film by a full five months, moving out of a planned Christmas Day release to one on July 31st.

The Wrap claims a big reason for the shift was to not only to get the film out of direct competition with Disney’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” but also to get it out of that film’s likely plans to hog IMAX screens over the holidays.

The previous film in the series, “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol,” filmed key sequences in IMAX and made a sizeable portion of its nearly $700 million worldwide gross from the giant screen format.

By going on July 31st, the only potential threat to MI5 is the remake of “Point Break” which has yet to release any publicity material and isn’t expected to draw anywhere near the kinds of crowds that MI5 will likely receive.