Mission Altered & New Personnel Enlisted

Kristin Kreuk (“Smallville,” “Eurotrip”), Paula Patton (“Deja Vu,” “Precious”) and Lauren Germain (“Hostel Part II”) have all emerged as candidates in contention to join the upcoming fourth “MIssion: Impossible” reports Deadline.

All three are testing for the role of a young female operative in the film which Variety reports will NOT be called “Mission: Impossible 4” or M:I-4. In fact there’s talk the film could use a title relevant to the property that doesn’t contain those words (much like “The Dark Knight” doesn’t contain the word Batman).

The reason is the story hopes to bring a “fresh perspective” to the action-spy franchise and does not pick up where the last film left off. The idea of a ‘team’ lead by Ethan Hunt (Cruise) looks to be out the window, replaced by a kind of buddy movie minus the laughs. Cruise and Jeremy Renner will share equal screen time as the two leads.

Shooting kicks off in Vancouver, Prague, Dubai and the U.S this Fall.