Misfits Helmer Doing A “Monsters” Sequel

Tom Green, a helmer of various episodes of British superhero comedy series “Misfits”, has been named as director for a follow-up to Gareth Edwards’ low-budget sci-fi feature hit “Monsters” at Vertigo Films reports Screen Daily (via STYD).

The original followed a couple trying to escape Central America which had been quarantined due to an invasion of alien creatures.

Reports emerged a year ago that the sequel would involve a teacher living in a protected walled city who has to go into the infected zone to find his long-lost brother.

Said brother, a former military man, has become something of a legend in the zone akin to Col. Kurtz in “Apocalypse Now”. At the time the sequel was slated to be helmed by Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas with Edwards executive producing.

With Green in place, it’s unsure how much of that story will survive as Jay Basu (“Fast Girls”) has just come onboard to work on the script for the film which is now going by the name “Monsters: Dark Continent”.