Minogue & Ellis Visit The Doctor

It’s official, the impossible princess herself – Aussie pop star Kylie Minogue – will have a ‘major lead role’ guest stint in the hour-long 2007 “Doctor Who” Christmas special episode “Voyage of the Dammed” says The BBC.

The episode, which starts filming in Cardiff later this month, continues on from the 30-second teaser in this past weekend’s third season finale which saw the R.M.S. Titanic somehow crash through the side of the Doctor’s time machine – the TARDIS. Pics of Kylie with current Doctor David Tennant are up in a special mini-gallery.

Barring that disappointing ‘Daleks in Manhattan’ two-parter, this past season was proven the most acclaimed and consistent yet of the revived show. Ratings continue to prove extremely strong (the finale was the seventh most watched program of the week in the UK), and the show has been decidedly profitable for the BBC who posted a tens of millions of pounds increase in profits thanks largely due to broadcast and DVD sales of ‘Who’ and other recent shows like “Torchwood” and “Life on Mars”.

Meanwhile someone else is joining the show in a more permanent way – as a new companion. In the finale we saw Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) leave the Doctor, but left her phone behind saying that “I’ll see you again mister”.

A rep for the BBC confirmed on Saturday night after the broadcast that Agyeman will be back next season but not until about midway through – after she completes a three-episode guest stint on the second season of “Torchwood”.

In the interim the Doctor will receive another new companion who’ll last through the entire season, giving him two companions for the second half of the season. Who’ll that new companion be? Whilst the network has yet to announce it, the British press is already abuzz that hunky “Eastenders” actor Tom Ellis is the current favorite to takeover the role.

Agyeman was hired on the strength of her work in a small supporting role in the second season finale of ‘Who’, and ironically enough it appears the same thing has happened for Ellis who first appeared as medic turned freedom fighter Tom Milligan in that just aired third season finale.