Minnie Driver Is New Lara Croft

TV Guide reports that British actress Minnie Driver has been recruited to fill the tank top and short-shorts of the “Tomb Raider” herself Lara Croft – albeit in animated form.

Driver will provide the voice for the lithe archaeologist/adventurer in the 10-part animated series “ReVisioned: Tomb Raider” for GameTap which begins airing the episodes online starting Tuesday.

In the series, “world-famous writers and artists are each doing their own version of Lara Croft, telling a different story the way they see the character” says GameTap content VP Ricardo Sanchez.

The first three-part adventure was written and directed by “Aeon Flux” creator Peter Chung. Subsequent episodes are being handled by the likes of Warren Ellis, Gail Simone, Jim Lee and Christos Gage.