“Mindhunter” & “Wonder Woman” VFX Reels

Two impressive reels have hit showcasing some of the great visual effects work in both Netflix’s new David Fincher-produced “Mindhunter” series and Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman”.

The “Mindhunter” clip puts the focus on many of the invisible digital set extensions and changes in the series to convey the show’s 1970s time period – everything from the more obvious (old fashioned airplanes, weather effects) to the unexpected (adding/removing foliage) to the impressively observant (removing wheelchair access ramps from curb sides).

The “Wonder Woman” clip comes from Platige Image who crafted the beautiful artistic prologue telling the story of how the Amazons’ world came into existence and how Ares, the god of war, was cast out. It’s a film that blended superhero formula with Greek myth elements and the latter really comes to the fore in this sequence which gets broken down in the reel.

Both projects are now available on streaming.