Milo Ventimiglia Joins Gerard’s Game

Milo Ventimiglia and Gerard Butler are set to play a “Game” although sadly its not hot-oil Greco-Roman wrestling.

The recently buffed up (and displaying it each episode) “Heroes” star has joined the currently untitled action sci-fi movie previously called “Game” reports Entertainment Weekly.

The story has Gerard Butler playing a prisoner stuck within a massive multiplayer online fighting game. Milo says that he plays “a very interesting futuristic character that’s not necessarily in control of himself.”

“Crank” writer/directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are doing “Game”, so Milo’s hiring is not a surprise as the pair penned the thriller “Pathology” in which he is the lead star. That film was recently pulled off MGM’s release schedule with no new date specified.

Ventimiglia will follow that up with the independent film “Chaos Theory” about “a guy who leads a very organized life, and someone comes into that life and just sets a downward spiral in motion.”

Due to the ongoing writer’s strike, production on “Heroes” is on hold for now.