Miller’s Ronin Moving Along

“300” and “Sin City” creator Frank Miller’s early 80’s comic mini-series “Ronin” has been picked up by Warner Bros. Pictures says the trades.

In the story, a ronin, or disgraced samurai warrior, bears the shame of allowing his master to be assassinated by a shape-shifting demon in 13th century Japan.

When the master’s sword is unearthed in mid-21st century New York, the ronin and the demon are brought to life and battle gangs of mutants and thugs to try to take possession of the mythical sword.

As previously annnounced, Sylvain White (“Stomp the Yard”) is in negotiations to direct. Gianni Nunnari and Nick Wechsler will produce, and while there is no script the makers are working from a treatment White wrote.

Plan is also to utilise the stylised green-screen technique employed by the film version of “300”, with the costs likely to also sit somewhere around $65 million.