Miller’s Ronin Gets Film Treatment

With the success of “Sin City” and much anticipation for “300”, the work of graphic novelist Frank Miller has become a hot property.

Now another of his efforts is in the making – “Ronin”. “300” producer Gianni Nunnari confirms he’s also working on an adaptation of Miller’s “Ronin” with Sylvain White (“Stomp the Yard”) set to direct.

The mini-series told the tale of a 13th Century Japanese samurai reborn into a 21st century dystopian New York where he faces the reincarnation of the ancient demon Agat.

Blackfilm spoke with White about the news and he went into detail about the project.

He confirmed that while they are “going to have to streamline the story to fit it within a movie time frame”, it will stick closely to the original work. Despite the narrative shrinkage, there’s no plans to cut any characters.

At present they’re working on several scripts from various authors and are setting the whole thing up at Warner Bros. Pictures.

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