Miller’s B&W “Fury Road” Version Scrapped?

During the press junket madness surrounding George Miller’s “Mad Max: Fury Road” came talk of an alternate, black-and-white cut of the film – one that Miller hoped to include in the home video release.

At the time, Miller said everyone did post-apocalyptic movies with de-saturated color so in order to differentiate this film he and colorist Eric Whipp could go two ways – full black and white, or over saturate and really hype up the film’s color.

Miller ultimately chose the latter, but said the best version of the film is the black and white one and in fact had demanded Warners release the black and white cut on the Blu-ray along with an isolated audio score track.

Today, details have emerged about the U.K. release of the film over at (via The Playlist) and there is no mention of an alternate cut. The cut certainly does exist, which has now raised the question – is the studio saving it for a double dip further down the road?