Miller Still Onboard “Justice League”

A representative from Kennedy Miller Mitchell has categorically denied Monday’s scoop that Dr. George Miller is off the ‘Justice League’ project. They have confirmed that Miler did not appear on the ‘Sunrise Morning Show’ let alone discuss anything to do with “Justice League” or “Mad Max”.

Rumors began months ago that Miller was leaving “Justice League” but were never confirmed and have now been officially shot down by his reps.

The ‘League’ project, more than practically any other project in the past two years, has suffered from incessant online rumors (most notably casting) that were often thrown up and later torn down. It seems that it has happened again here.

The original scooper, a usually reliable source, also seems to have vanished into the electronic ether. As for their current status? The KM rep says both ‘League’ and ‘Max’ are “being seriously worked on.”