Miller, Skrein Talk Flash & Ajax Costumes

Actors Ezra Miller and Ed Skrein have spoken this week about the superhero costumes they’ll be sporting in upcoming tentpole films.

Miller is playing DC Comics hero The Flash in several DC Cinematic Universe films with the character rumored to be making a first appearance in next year’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” (albeit only in a cameo).

A fan has tweeted a photo of himself with Miller recently and added some points about what Miller told him about his appearance as the Flash.

Seems this version will differ considerably from The CW’s take on Barry Allen – here Miller will sport long hair, a Flash costume that has a “post-apocalyptic look” to it, and a ripped physique. How reliable this information is though is uncertain.

Meanwhile, Ed Skrein has been out doing press for “The Transporter Refueled” and was asked about whether his character of Ajax in Marvel and Fox’s upcoming “Deadpool” movie will sport the costume of the character. Skrein tells HeyUGuys: “It’s faithful in terms of the beginning part of Ajax when he was in the workshop. Fans of the comics will know that later on he comes back with an all singing, all dancing big shiny suit; we haven’t explored that section.