Miller Offers Brief “Mad Max 5” Update

Following in the wake of his being announced as heading up this year’s jury at the Cannes Film Festival, “Mad Max: Fury Road” director George Miller has spoken with THR and was asked how that film’s sequel is progressing.

He re-iterates that he still wants to make the project, and that he wants to do something “small and quick” first:

“Because this got delayed so often, and we dug down deep into the backstory, Nick Lathouris and I have written two other stories. One is a full script. It doesn’t have a title. And one of them we talked about in great detail and he wrote as a novella.”

Miller also revealed that he had a number of private conversations with Stanley Kubrick while making 1995’s “Babe” as the Australian tried to enlist Kubrick in helping him develop digital technology. The pair become phone pals, but never actually met in person before Kubrick died.