Millar Talks Kick-Ass Filming

Filming has begun on the adaptation of Mark Millar’s “Kick-Ass” comic, and the author has posted a report on his official blog about the filming. Here’s an excerpt:

“If I absolutely have to go to jail for a comic-book movie then I accept no substitutes. This is the one. I hereby declare Kick-Ass as the greatest movie of 2009.

And if you think that I WOULD so that as co-creator and a producer on the movie you’re absolutely, one hundred percent correct. But as the months roll by and the trailers start to dribble online and you see what I just saw this weekend your heart will be beating that little bit faster too. I lucked out with Wanted and Timur and James and Angelina.

But nothing– I mean nothing– can prepare you for Nic and Chloe as Big Daddy and Hit-Girl. As I said to Nic after the first scene was shot on Saturday morning, this is a movie about comic-book guys MADE by comic-book guys. We are absolutely in our comfort zone here and doing something really special. Cage’s eyes just gleamed. He said it’s the most excited he’s been by a role in a long time…”

For the full entry, click here. There’s also photos of Nicolas Cage on-set up at