Millar On Kick-Ass Vaughn Talk

“Wanted” comic creator Mark Millar won’t confirm or deny the involvement of acclaimed British filmmaker Matthew Vaughn (“Stardust,” “Layer Cake”) on the proposed film adaptation of his comic “Kick-Ass”.

Millar tells Newsarama that “I can’t confirm or deny any director at this stage. Sure, Matthew and I are friends and I think Layer Cake and Stardust tie with 28 Days Later as the best British films of this decade so having him onboard would be amazing.

But at this stage I can’t even give you a little wink, except to say that the director is already in place and we’re looking to rapidly go into production once we’re finished a polish on the final script next month. Some casting has already been worked out too, but I can say nothing beyond this annoyingly vague statement.”

Vaughn remains attached to direct “Thor” for Marvel Studios.