Millar: Fox’s Marvel Films vs. Marvel Studios

Moving past the DC vs. Marvel movie debate, there’s another argument to be made about who produces the best films based on Marvel Comics properties – Marvel Studios, 20th Century Fox or Sony Pictures.

Most would likely swing towards Marvel Studios – but the company hasn’t had an unblemished track record (Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor: The Dark World, etc.). On the flip side, both Sony and Fox have produced a handful of well-regarded films with their properties (Raimi’s first two “Spider-Man” films, X2, X-Men: Days of Future Past, X-Men: First Class) even if a lot of the rest weren’t so well received.

One person who has weighed in on the debate is “Kick-Ass” and “Wanted” creator Mark Millar. Millar is currently a consultant with Fox over their Marvel films and believes Fox’s Marvel films so far have been comparable to the output of Marvel Studios in terms of quality. He tells Screen Rant:

“You grew up with the superhero market, and the superhero market is all about press, and superhero fans were down on Fox for years. Then like Fantastic Four movies, they hit – Elektra and everything – but then I always say, ‘Look how good the X-Men films were.’ Really, if you run through them X 1, X 2, The Wolverine, there’s some really high quality stuff there.

I’d say the hit rates are as good as Marvel’s. It’s better than Sony’s, better than Universal’s. I think Fox is spending the money. They are really getting the big directors and they are getting the big writers. I know they pay much more than Marvel or DC in terms of the talent they attach to the things. So I just think as a comic fan I love having that Fox stuff there.”

Millar also has a less inflammatory and more logical opinion on the argument by fanboys who want Marvel Studios to take back all the film rights and hold them all under the one roof:

“You know, they’ll talk about Marvel, ‘Wouldn’t it be brilliant to have everything back under one roof?’ I always say, ‘You would have less movies coming out.’People don’t realize this. No studio is going to bring out more than three or four movies a year. So you have Guardians of the Galaxy this year, you do Fantastic Four next year. So I think the system we’ve got right now is great. And I’m having a nice time with these guys [at Fox].”