Miles Teller Talks “Fantastic Four” Prep

Miles Teller has been linked to Fox’s upcoming reboot of “The Fantastic Four” for some time and looks set to be testing for the role of Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) shortly.

Speaking with Collider, Teller was asked whether he was ready to get into super fit shape for the skin-tight blue jumpsuits the characters wear in the film. Turns out said uniforms may get a change:

“I think, you know, if that were to happen, I think the characters would be taken in a different direction than the kind of blue suits and stuff from the franchise that had previously been done, which you’d have to if you’re gonna reboot something, you really got to kind of put your own spin on it.

But with that being said, all I need is like, a couple weeks to just get my body back in shape. So the answer to that is yes, I could get back in shape.”

Simon Kinberg has reportedly completed the script ahead of the screen tests for the film later this month and filming commencing in Louisiana this March.